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Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs


Have you considered adding an area rug to your home as an inexpensive way to update your space? Harms Carpet One Floor & Home is your local retailer and flooring expert! We have a huge selection of area rugs from which you can choose the perfect rug for your home! Area rugs come in different shapes, sizes, colors, materials and more! Our flooring professionals can help you navigate our selection and educate you about the different benefits each type of area rug offers. In addition to offer premade area rugs, we also make custom area rugs from our huge selection of broadloom carpet!


Our selection of area rug brands include:


Why Do You Need An Area Rug?


You may be asking yourself, why would I need an area rug? Rugs offer protection for your floors, sound absorption, and comfort. Area rugs can play a big part in the overall look of your home. Hard-surface flooring options like hardwood and tile are in high demand right now, which means so are area rugs! One of the biggest reasons homeowners have area rugs is because they help to protect your flooring from wear and unwanted scratches. 


Area rugs offer protection, style, and even noise reduction to any room. Adding an area rug to rooms that have an echo such as living rooms or dining rooms can make the room quieter while allowing several people to talk at one time. One of the best benefits of area rugs is that they are more comfortable than hard surface flooring like hardwood and tile. Rugs can even help to define spaces within your home by simply placing furniture purposefully around an area rug. 


To learn more about the benefits of area rugs and to see the different styles we offer, be sure to stop by our showroom and speak with a flooring professional today!