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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Store in Maumee, OH


Vinyl flooring brings great value, a natural appearance, and synthetic durability. At Harms Carpet One Floor & Home in Maumee, Ohio, we stay on top of the latest trends and carry the best quality flooring so you can shop confidently with us.

Our showroom features one of the best vinyl flooring selections in the region, with many great products at excellent prices. We also offer comprehensive vinyl installation services.


What Type of Vinyl Flooring is Best?


Today’s shoppers are blessed with thousands of luxury vinyl choices, with a universe of textures, colors, visuals, and sizes available. Like their natural counterparts, vinyl flooring is available in both tile and plank styles, as well as sheet vinyl.





Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?


Vinyl flooring has multiple features and benefits that make it a great alternative flooring option. Since it is synthetic, it’s not only durable and lower maintenance but also water-repellent.

We offer water-resistant and fully waterproof vinyl flooring options. Waterproof vinyl flooring provides 100% protection from humidity and spills. That means you can install it in all the same places as tile, and many more areas than hardwood. Waterproof vinyl floors are a great option for pet and kid-friendly homes.

Waterproof vinyl flooring is installed with watertight seams that stop leaks from moving below the floor’s surface. This protects your subfloor from water damage, leading to long-term problems and mold growth. A sturdy, waterproof core prevents the floor panels from swelling with moisture and humidity. Lastly, our waterproof vinyl products have a durable surface that’s highly stain-resistant and will stay looking beautiful for years to come. 


Where Can Vinyl Floors Be Installed?


One of the reasons vinyl flooring is so popular is its amazing versatility.

Since it is inherently resistant to heat and moisture, there are truly no limits as to where vinyl floors can be installed. It is often chosen for:

Vinyl flooring is simple to install, saving you on labor costs, and it’s easy to maintain, giving you back time to enjoy your new floors. Fitting together like puzzle pieces, these “floating floors” can be installed over most subfloors, even on an existing floor. There is no adhesive needed making the installation process more time efficient, and you can walk on them the same day they are installed.


Explore Our Vinyl Flooring Selection


At Harms Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive collection of vinyl flooring products. As part of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s largest cooperative of independently owned flooring stores, we carry high-quality floors for an affordable price.

Among the brands you’ll find in our showroom are COREtec® and Mannington Adura®. Our flooring experts can help guide you towards vinyl floors geared especially to your style preferences, budget, and functional needs. Visit us today to learn more.



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