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A simple, soft, and stylish solution to all your flooring challenges, carpeting offers up endless options for many different types of residential and commercial settings. Understanding the nuances of the many different carpeting varieties is the first step to finding a product that’s the right fit. At Harms Carpet One Floor & Home we love introducing our clients to the perfect carpet products to fit their style and functional needs. After all, the “best” carpeting is generally the product that not only performs, but looks perfect doing so. 

Are you unsure where to begin? Let’s start with this general overview of the different carpeting types. There are many differences in textures, performance, and durability to consider, so it’s important to choose your product carefully. 

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Textured Carpets

For those seeking flooring for areas that are heavily treaded, textured carpeting is a wonderful all-around option that’s worth considering. This family of rugs is woven from tightly-curled fibers, which are then carefully trimmed to form patterns. These patterns are great at hiding everyday accidents, as well as dust and debris. They even help reduce light reflection, and won’t pick up footprints.

Frieze Carpets 

Offering up some serious retro charm, frieze carpeting, or “shag,” is extremely soft and comfortable, with its long and shaggy twists. It works great for casual settings as its plush feeling beckons crawling babies and tired feet. Frieze’s long fibers also conceal dust and footprints. 

Level Loop Carpets 

Level loop boasts fibers that are left looped at the rug’s surface, for a very sturdy rug that can be a great pick for all types of settings. Eclectic and sturdy, level loop is often found in commercial settings, with rich shading variations providing excellent camouflage. 

Pattern Carpets 

Patterned carpeting is woven from fibers in high and low loops, offering up some seriously impressive patterns that can create the illusion of texture and depth. Patterned carpeting is a particularly nice option for those who vacuum frequently, since the inherent patterns will conceal any “track” marks. 

Plush Carpets 

A luxurious product that’s among the softest available; plush carpeting looks and feels a lot like velvet fabrics. It is extremely comfortable to walk on, but since it tends to pick up footprints, this type of rug fares better in quieter environments. Still, these high-density, high-end rugs are quiet coveted for their sheer comfort and opulence. 

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